Dr Agaezi Sonya, DC, DE, CIFM

Chiropractor | Functional Medicine | Diabetic Educator | Speaker | Pain & Lifestyle Management


Dr. Agaezi Sonya is the founder and CEO of Sonya Health Mart & Chiropractic Inc. She holds a Bachelor degree in Microbiology, a Doctor of Chiropractic, Postgraduate Certificate in Diabetes Educator and a post-graduate Certification in Exercise and Lifestyle Management. Dr. Sonya has been involved in healthcare and Wellness for more than 2 decades.

Dr. Sonya is a US-trained Doctor of Chiropractic and licensed to practice Chiropractic in both USA and Canada.

As a Chiropractor, she worked in a multi-disciplinary Clinic where she worked together with an inter-professional team with Family practice MD’s, orthopedic surgeon, Physician Assistants, Physiotherapist, Nurses, Massage therapist and other healthcare practitioners. At the multi-disciplinary clinic, each team member contributed their specialized knowledge to the care of the patient, all for the welfare of the patient.

Dr. Sonya is also a speaker and keynote speaker at international science conferences. She has 4 published abstracts in Pain Management.  Full article published with Journal of Anesthesia & Pain Medicine on “Pain Management and Assessment for Healthcare Practitioners”. Dr. Sonya published an article in Nigerian Journal of Biotechnologist during her undergraduate program in Microbiology As a student of in Chiropractic school she co-authored two unpublished books with her supervisor in Laboratory Clinical Chemistry and Microbiology



o  Chiropractor: Licensed to Practice Chiropractic medicine in USA and Canada
o  Functional Medicine: Certificate in Integrative & Functional Medicine (CIFM)
o  Diabetic Educator: Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetic Educator (DE)  
o  Exercise and Lifestyle Management: Post Graduate Certificate in
o  Certified Corporate Wellness  Coach (CCWC)
o  Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist (LWMS)
o  Keynote Speaker at various Conferences
o Highly skilled, knowledgeable, and proficient Healthcare worker
o  More than 15 years’ experience in the healthcare field
o  More than 3 years’ experience working with the geriatric population
o  Certified Personal Trainer - CAN-FIT Pro Certification
o  Member of American College of sports medicine
o  2002 Who is who in American University
o  2014 Role Model and Ambassador:  Black Canadian Award
o Published papers on Pain Management and  Fibromyalgia


Published Articles

  • Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology 1994 publication: Production of beer using locally source Material-Bitter Kola and Maize. Agaezi Onwuasoanya & N Okafor 


  • Agaezi Sonya Video Presentation on “Functional Rehabilitation Approach in Low back pain Management: A case study” at the “Global Congress on Medical & Clinical Case Reports” held on July 16-17, 2018 at Bangkok, Thailand

  • Agaezi Ikwugwalu “Low back pain: Multidisciplinary approach in Low back Pain Assessment”. International Conference on Pain Research & Management 2016(Abstract); Vancouver, Canada